Hey there, my name is Kristin N. Spencer and I write books to transverse the bubble. Welcome to my author homepage. If you are here, it could be that you’ve read one of my books. I can’t begin to say how excited that makes me. I love writing, and I work hard on everything I write.

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My career started in the realm of semi-professional blogging, but after three years I discovered I like writing books better. My debut non-fiction chronicles my personal struggles to believe God loves me while my debut novel, Newfangled, is a fictionalized version of some of my most difficult experiences as a pre-teen growing up in Southern California.

In general, I try to stay positive.
In general, I try to stay positive.

If you’re interested in reading about things I’m writing at the moment, check out the “Works In Progress” page. You can also check out my blog, where I post about what it is like to be an indie author.

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