Make Newfangled Free on Kindle

I want to make Newfangled on Kindle free, but I need your help.

I have already made Newfangled free as an ebook on every retailer except for Amazon Kindle. In order for them to make it free as well, I need people to request a price match and include links to other places where it is available for free. Would you be willing do that to help me make the Kindle version of Newfangled free? I hope offering it for free will mean more people will read and review it so I can put together a bigger launch team for Flummoxed, the second book in the Desires & Decisions series.

If you go to Newfangled’s page on Amazon, here are the steps you can take to submit a lower price:

When you click on “tell us about a lower price,” a form will open.

Here is the list of links you can use to insert for the “link” area of the form:

Barnes & Noble

iTunes Store



This process should take around 3 minutes. I really appreciate your help and am so excited to share Flummoxed with you in a few months! Thank you!

In fact, here’s a preview of the book description for Flummoxed:

A wedding, a dance, and hate mail? Olive decides to tackle a hot topic in her submission for the district wide writing competition. When her paper is published in the local newspaper without her knowledge, not all of the responses are positive. In addition to dealing with fear, Olive is on a quest to determine what real love is. Aunt Barb’s engagement to Reed doesn’t seem to be setting the best example. And then there’s Dean. What does God want her to do about the only person Olive’s ever had romantic feelings for?

Happy reading!


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