Book Review: Jack by Chautona Havig

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I give this book 5/5 stars.

Category: Fiction :: Western

Jack (Ballads from the Hearth Book 1)

Chautona Havig always brings a fresh perspective to whatever genre she tackles, and this western set on the prairie is no different.

“Jack,” which is based on a song that the author’s father used to sing during her childhood about life on the prairie, is a wonderful book with themes of romance, pursuing your dreams (while respectfully rejecting the expectations of others), and overcoming bitterness. The author also included inspiration from Much Ado About Nothing, which will be extremely obvious if you have ever read the Shakespearean piece of literature. I loved the character development along with the authenticity of a story set in this time and place. You will have a hard time putting this one down. It is an easy and enjoyable read which is appropriate for any age.

Here is the book description as provided by the author:

A lot of hullabaloo on the prairie. 

Jack Clausen has led a hard, lonely life, but he’s content with a good job as a cowboy, a faithful horse, and the Lord. But when a near tragedy flings him into the path of a lovely young lady, Jack’s resolve to stay single and alone wavers. 

Hazel Meissner has everything a young man could hope for–kindness, gentleness, and just enough playfulness to keep things interesting, but when accusations tear at their relationship, Hazel’s true strength emerges. 

Without forgiveness, many lives will be irrevocably changed. 

Jack is the first book in the Ballads from the Hearth series. This book was inspired by the old ballad, “Cowboy Jack” and Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing.

I hope you enjoy this fun, but pensive read, as much as I did.