Book Review: Nehemiah – Becoming A Godly Leader

This post was originally part of my old book review website “Christian Book Lady,” which I will be shutting down next week.

I give this book 5/5 Stars.

Category: Non-fiction :: Target Audience: Christian Leaders

Nehemiah: Becoming A Godly Leader by Gregory Brown is a wonderful resource full of truth and practical application.

This book is a great resource to Bible teachers and small groups, but it is so simple that anyone could read it and gain understanding. That is one of the things I love the most about this book, is it’s accessibility.
The Biblical principles of leadership that Gregory Brown explores and expands on from the book of Nehemiah have the potential to change the world. If every leader would allow the principles in this book to shape their lives and leadership styles, we would see a great change, and even as Brown suggests many times, revival.
“Jesus said when the church is unified, we will see many souls come to Christ; the world will know that Jesus came from God…Sadly, most ministries swing to the other extreme. Most churches and ministries work very independently. In fact, they are often so worried about losing members that they never work with other churches at all. However, when you look at the early church, which also experienced revival, they were very unified.”
After reading this book, I can confidently state that Brown is a brother in the Lord that wants to see the lives of many transformed by the love of God through servant leadership. He discusses important topics such as unity, dealing with discouragement, leading by example, serving even when we don’t like the job or feel qualified, the importance of dealing with conflict instead of overlooking it, and how to deal properly with the provision God has given us.
This book would a blessing to any believer that wants more clarity on what it means to faithfully serve Jesus Christ, whether they are in leadership or not.