Book Review: Granddad’s Story by Roger Deloach

This post was originally part of my old book review website “Christian Book Lady,” which I will be shutting down next week.

I give this book 4/5 stars.

Category: Fiction :: Target Audience: Christians / Middle Grade

Granddad’s Story by Roger Deloach is a sweet tale. It is exciting to hear the story from the grandfather’s perspective as he tells his grandchildren. And what a story it is! I do have two small criticisms of this book. The first is that the grandfather telling the story is Jess, which was not obvious. I had to go back and reread that several times to make sure. That is not a spoiler, but is an important part of the story. The second is that sometimes the characters sound like adults instead of 11-year-olds. I found this to be especially true with Chuck’s dialogue. There were some things that I thought were too coincidental, but in the end they made sense. This is a fun book that I would gladly let my 9-year-old read. I’m sure she will love it! Thank you Roger Deloach for such a heart warming tale.

This book is totally clean. I didn’t anything even remotely bordering on edgy or inappropriate.