Works In Progress


Curious about what projects are in the pipeline? Books listed on this page are either still being written, revised, or edited. I put each book through a four step revision process, then send the book out to my editor, advanced reader group, or writing workshop depending on what I feel will help each book become its best version.

Works in Progress

Plunge Into Darkness (Publication date unknown)

When Ever’s best friend disappears, only to reappear ten years later beaten and starving, Ever must choose which path her life will take.

Category: Fantasy

Part of a series? Yes, the first book.

Current stage of revision: This book is being workshopped (aka ripped apart and lovingly put back together).


Kerfuffle (Coming June 2017)

Something’s wrong with Adam. Olive finds herself pitted against the entire church when she tries to help her brother’s best friend and valued member of the Mashables, Adam. Can God work things out, or will the church split when unjust accusations and demands pour through the Christian body at Revive?

Category: Contemporary Fiction

Part of a series? Yes. Book 3 in Desires & Decisions.

Current stage or revision: Editing final draft with professional edits & formatting.


Holy Sex Reboot: My Sexual Identity in Christ (Publication date June/July 2017)

This non-fiction book aims to replace the sin and stigma that surrounds sex with the truth of the gospel combined with practical experience.

Category: Non-Fiction

Current stage of revision: Finalizing third draft for professional editing.