Welcome to the main page for “Flummoxed,” the second book in the “Desires & Decisions” series.

Where To Find “Flummoxed”

You can find Flummoxed in ebook format for sale on Amazon here, or the paperback version here.


Just when Olive feels her life come together, it threatens to fall apart. Isn’t junior high supposed to be fun? After Olive’s controversial, award winning essay is published in the local newspaper, she receives threats from a stranger. When intimidation escalates to hate crime, can Olive find victory through God’s brand of love? Will the local police figure it out before someone she loves gets hurt by the mysterious stranger who wants to silence her voice?

But that’s not all she has to deal with. When Olive’s aunt gets engaged, the joy is evident until her aunt realizes that prince charming isn’t perfect. As her aunt’s struggles worsen, the tension puts pressure on every member of Olive’s family.

When it comes to her first crush, Olive is still confused. How does God want her to deal with their budding relationship? Is there any choice that won’t result in Olive’s broken heart? Olive is more desperate than ever to understand real love.

Inspiration: This Young Adult Fiction was inspired by my own life experiences. I have always wanted to write a book that would help my own children navigate the awkward pre-teen years, and that is when I came up with the character of Olive. Although she goes through a few situations that I experienced, this fiction is set in modern day Southern California, and Olive deals with current events and struggles that today’s 13-year-old girls and boys can relate to. I hope that this book will touch the hearts of young and old alike as you get to know Olive, the Callis family, and the many friends and enemies that keep Olive tethered to the Lord in prayer.