Getting Workshopped

According to Wikipedia, a

“Writing Workshop is a method of writing instruction that developed from the early work of Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and other teacher/researchers who found that coaching students to write for a variety of audiences and purposes was more effective than traditional writing instruction.”

Another way of saying that is when you are part of a writing workshop, you get together with other writers and discuss the things that are good and could be better in order to nicely shred your story down to the most important bits. Everyone submits and everyone critiques. If this sounds intimidating to you, then you’re getting the idea. But the cool part is, you get to hang out with awesome people, and your writing gets better.


The Wrinos

The workshopping group I’m part of is called the Wrinos. Good luck figuring out who the other members are, but unless they give me their explicit permission, I’m not telling. What I will tell you is that I was so blessed at our last meeting (which was online due to my recent hernia surgery) where my friends helped me fix the first chapter of Plunge Into Darkness. I knew there was something wrong with it, but they were able to help me pinpoint the mistakes and fix them. If you are a writer and you have never been part of a workshop, you should try it. If your groups is even one/eighteenth as good as mine, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Happy reading… or writing… whichever.


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