Works In Progress

Curious about what projects are in the pipeline? Books listed on this page are either still being written, revised, or edited. I put each book through a four step revision process, then send the book out to my editor, advanced reader group, or writing workshop depending on what I feel will help each book become its best version.

Works in Progress

Gaze at the Stars (Writing to Query for traditional publishing)

Shaul Erlie has grown up under the shadow of wealth, always wishing one particular person would take notice. Now that she has, everything he has worked so hard for is threatened: his career, his family relationships, and his values. Will Shaul choose what’s right over so-called-love? Journey to Bez Vonk, the system’s most luxurious space station, to find out.

Category: Science Fiction / Romance

Part of a series? Yes, the first of three stand alone books in the Bez Vonk Romance series.

Current stage of revision: Research and First Draft.

Supercilious (Coming Late 2018)

When Anna Cruz goes off to college, she realizes her identity crisis is bigger than she thought. And when her former best friend’s boyfriend starts showing up for dinner with her every night, things get complicated.

Category: Contemporary Fiction

Part of a series? Yes. Book 4 in Desires & Decisions.

Current stage or revision: Research and First Draft.

Sweet Lady Fandom: A Geek Girl’s Guide to Survive and Thrive in any Fandom (Writing to Query for traditional publishing)

Category: Non-Fiction

Current stage: Plotting.